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A-kind will not take responsibility for losses sustained by the customer due to inadvertent or unintentional error by the company or the agent who made the booking or when the customers receive losses stemming from such as.

  1. Flight cancellations or denial to board due to natural disaster, wars, riots, flight delays or strikes, or similar cases.
  2. Booking cancellations or denial to board due to overbooking by the airline company.
  3. Booking cancellation or loss of validation of the ticket due to failure of the customer to reconfirm up to 72 hours prior to the departure.
  4. Failure to board due to the customer's delay to check in.
  5. Lost or stolen paper ticket or equivalent.
  6. Cancellation fees incurred by the customer's failure to read update information sent by email from A-Kind.
  7. Any other losses beyond A-Kind's control.