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1. A-Kind collects and maintains personal information about our customers for the following purposes.
  1. To create a new membership account and issue a membership ID for a newly registered member.
  2. To change registered information, following the member's request.
  3. To sell and offer our products through our web site.
  4. To provide information regarding our products and services by e-mail.
  5. To survey and analyze in order to improve our services.
  6. To respond to questions from the customers.
  7. To provide airline companies with the customers information such as name, mileage number, credit card details in order to book flights, ticket and confirm the flights.
2. A-Kind never discloses members' personal information to third parties without consent by the members. However, in the following cases A-Kind may provide the other parties with members' information.
  • We may give members' information to the airline companies as the passengers information, to the hotels as the guests information. Also we may give duty free shop owners or equivalent at travel destinations members' information such as name, passport number and flight number for the purpose of members' convenience for shopping.
  • In the event of accidents A-Kind may disclose members' information to investigating authorities. A-Kind may disclose members' information to governmental institutions when they ask us for help to disclose personal information of people involved in the accident.
  • A-Kind may disclose members' information when it is required to protect human lives or assets and when it is hard to obtain consent of member.
  • A-Kind may disclose members' information by the order of law.
  • A-Kind may disclose members' information when governmental institutions or other related institutions ask our cooperation in order to pursue their duties required by law and members' consent may prevent them from exercising those duties.